Published Jan 20, 2008

If you’ve ever seen my computer, you know I like to switch up my desktop pictures (or, in Windows speak, “wallpaper,” which inspires thoughts of pastel flowers and Victorian patterns). For the past few years, since I’ve been shooting photos again, these desktops have been things I’ve shot. So, in an effort to make me shoot good, clean, landscape photos more often, I’m going to share my desktop with you.

I like very simple photos on my desktop: the image should be beautiful, but not distract from the fact that I’ve got files and folders I work with on there. One day, in b-school, sitting next to a friend of mine, I was moved to comment on the hot, substantially-naked cowboy photo he had as his desktop picture. He looked over and said “yeah, pretty much the opposite of what you’ve got, huh?” I asked him what he though this said about us. “That I want to meet a hot boy, and that you want to find inner peace.” That sounds about right.

So, here’s this month’s desktop, in use. Download the image for yourself and enjoy a peaceful, useful desktop!


My desktop is one of the defaults that came with OSX Tiger — the one that’s a closeup of tiger fur. I suppose what that says about me is that I really like cats. g

Love, love the photo — let’s go back to the mountains and take more!