Published May 25, 2008

Somehow, the five-year anniversary of this blog crept by me — Friday the 23rd was the big day. Post #1 was a cheap, unfunny Slashdot reference. (At least #2 was actually a plausible — and well-folowed — mission statement.) Since then, 682 more posts have brought 878 comments, most of them smarter than the entry itself.

I don’t know what it means that Milla and I started blogging within ten days of each other. I do know that my recent quiet patch — brought on by a couple of months in a row of 14-hour days, 7-day weeks at my startup — is the longest since started. But don’t worry; there’s posts coming up this week, ‘cause I’m on vacation, and you know how I like it with the vacation photos and travelogues.

So, hasta mañana, gang!