Published May 26, 2008

As promised, I am in fact on vacation. The AIG and I are on a trip to Hawaii; badly needed, since this will make something like two vacations since 2000 for each of us. Perhaps I should’ve brought a book on how to relax?

Some relaxation would be great, since we were actually up ‘til about 2am packing and cleaning up the new… well, I’ll get to that new part later. But we were up to all hours, and then up early again for a morning flight, and despite our lovely Lug travel blankets, which gave us (matching!) cozy sleep on the plane, landed exhausted.

And when we landed we got the always-welcome1 news that our hotel was overbooked. Remarkably, Hotwire had booked me at the Aqua Aloha Surf, where I had stayed in my last trip to Honolulu. I think I liked the hotel then, although I slept through pretty much the whole last vacation so my memories could be skewed.

We decided the solution to this problem was to go and drink on the beach. Observe— before the drinks at Duke’s:
and after:

When we returned from our drinks,2 the manager at the hotel had found us a room in a sister property, the Aqua Island Colony.. I also can’t really say how this room will be, since we spent our whole afternoon sound asleep. While we are next to the garbage chute, and the wind seems to rattle the whole room, the bed has done its job well so far and I anticipate a very still night. Still nights usually bring energetic tomorrows, but tomorrow may well be a beach day. I may need a beach day to start to learn about that “relax” thing.

1 sarcasm — ed.

2 And lunch — ed


Is your AIG wearing an engagement ring in that first photo of her? And if so, would that make her an AIF?

She is not — it’s just a pretty ring. Not a bad idea, tho.