Published Nov 23, 2008

With all the basil from the housewarming party, I could hardly resist making all manner of pesto. The Thai basil basically dared me to make an Asian-flavored pesto, and, once made, the perfect match was clearly a simple grilled salmon.

The pesto was fun to make — I replaced the olive oil with a mix of canola oil, toasted sesame oil, and fish sauce, and added little ginger. Delicious! Serve just as a sauce, or dip in!

(In the above photo, the sides are just some sauteed squash and onions, and mashed cauliflower.)

(Also, note how few photos there are here — this is what happens when I’m in charge of taking the pics, when the AIG is taking them or directing me, she makes sure I get “coverage” like the good TV producer she is!)