Published Jul 21, 2008

I moved! Did you hear? I’m renting a wonderful house with the wonderful AIG and, after 10 weeks, we’ve finally got the place set up. We had a great party Saturday night where many of our friends came by to see the place and turn green-eyed with envy have a great time and try our Spanish-style Tapas and our homemade infused vodkas. Can I show you the place? Would you like to see?

It doesn’t really look like much from the outside…

But it’s adorable inside! Check out our cozy living room:

That’s a gorgeous big window, huh? And then off a little hallway:

We’ve got the office (that’s the AIG’s place, I’ve got a great space in the garage and just haven’t had a chance to shoot it yet.)

There’s our cozy bedroom (check out the AIG’s beautiful window treatments!):

And there’s a little bathroom, just perfect for two:

Check out the pink tile (some might call it “cute”) and the great old fixtures:

The other direction off the living room is the kitchen, just right for two people to cook in:

(The washer/dryer is directly to my right in this shot — that’s right, I’ve got one in my home! Clean, fresh laundry almost every day.)

Beyond the kitchen is the pets’ room, birdcage pictured, dog bowls just below:

Now, the pets share their room with something almost as important:

The pets’ room opens onto the most incredible part of the house, the backyard:

That whole thing is ours, I’m at the back of the yard facing towards the house in that shot, and there’s a fence in the middle which is convenient ‘cause I can lock the dog behind that while I take out the garbage. The awning is a great shelter under which we enjoy dinner and, especially, weekend brunch. But maybe the biggest winner is the hammock, next to the lemon tree:

Everyone loves the backyard!

As I mentioned, we had a great party. It was wonderful to see all our friends and show off the place to them. And I really want to thank them for all the wonderful loot they gave us:

We’re going to have some great barbecues in the backyard, come on by later this summer!


I’ve had to learn that pink is “cute” =)
Great looking place. Congrats!


Maybe next you’ll start growing things in part of the backyard? I guess in L.A. you’d need to water a fair bit, but still… You should at least grow your own herbs to produce syrups and infusions and such. A lot of herbs are practically weeds; mint and rosemary, especially, will take over if not regularly trimmed (and eaten). :-)

Absolutely! Actually, you can’t see the rosemary from the photos but we have a plant going. We water it every time we give the dog water, and the dog ain’t dead yet! We also got a ton of basil as gifts, so we’ll be planting that soon! There’s an empty spot that I plan to claim that gets great direct light.

Best. Hizzy. Ever.

oooh, nice photos in the daylight. and what is this about getting a bunch of basil from the partygoers? and i thought i was so original.

You were! You were the only person to give us the kind of basil you gave us. So we’ll have a whole basil patch, and, when we have the standard basil, we’ll know it was from Milla and Marlin!

Plus, I mean, how cute is the little Italian Guy pot?

so i’m the only one who gave you the garden variety green basil while others gave you the exotic blue basil? fine, whatever. focus on the cutie Italian Guy. oh yeah, and the sugar, which is to sweeten life at your new home, btw. old russian superstition.

It’s already all thanks to you and Marlin that my life has become sweet!

Quite an upgrade for you, my man!