Published Jun 3, 2009

I got home from a recent week-long trip to find no cable. Worse, it had gone out just after I left, so I got home from a recent week-long trip to find a Tivo full of nothing but “Just a Moment, this Channel Will Be Available Shortly.” Time Warner took two whole days to come out and fix it. I could almost hear the babies crying, such was this tragedy. My poor, empty Tivo!

So, strapped for things to watch, I turned to Hulu and Netflix. It’s not the first time; I think I’d seen an episode or two of The Office on these services, and thought it was pretty cool. But there are limits to what I want to watch on my computer screen. Or, so I thought. Turns out not to be so true. The tiny little Hulu pop-up window — maybe twice the area of a YouTube video — fits perfectly in the corner of my screen, making it easy to revisit old Babylon 5 episodes.1 Netflix doesn’t have that handy little feature, but it has helped me get into Heroes, all while I do other things. Well, pretend to do other things.

Anyway, it’s been great, except there’s no UFC content on Hulu. Hint, hint, Dana White. I’ll have a few seasons of some good shows under my belt in no time.

As for the cable TV, the nice man from Time Warner came by and plugged it back in. Former IT manager that I am, I never checked to see if the coax was actually hooked up to the cable box. I think that means I’m executive material. Either way, I’ve hardly even looked at Tivo since.

1 I never claimed to have good taste. Actually, it’s great, I barely saw Babylon 5 when it was on TV, because it was all on somebody else’s schedule. Tivo freed me from those schedules, and Hulu does the same.