Published Apr 7, 2012

So you may have noticed that I’ve posted a lot less lately. It’s not that I have less to say; it’s that I’m doing worse at saying it. Almost 2 years ago I moved from my old stalwart Movable Type to Tumblr, with the idea that I’d spend a lot less time fiddling with my CMS and a lot more time writing. Well, turns out that time was well-spent, since I seemed to post a lot more when I had to do it than now.

To be honest, I shouldn’t be surprised. I’m a geek; I like these kinds of things. I can express myself creatively through writing, or I can channel that stuff into building microformats into my site. Except, not with Tumblr, which I don’t much control. (Not Tumblr’s fault — their product is very good at what it promises to be!)

So I’m back to a self-hosted system, this time on Wordpress (somehow, Movable Type seems to have given up its 6-year head start and more to be obsolete as a publishing system). Hopefully, the fooling around will inspire me to write more; not least because (obviously) there’s a lot of fidgeting to be done with this here toy.

(Speaking of fidgeting: pardon the dust here while I do my fidgeting. I’m going to do this iteratively, rather than trying to jump over in one complete, final version, so we’re going to start looking like crap and slowly, step by step, start to look better.)

Anyway, fidgeting: already fun!