Published May 4, 2012

I switched to Wordpress a bit casually, maybe: I knew I didn’t want to stick with Tumblr, I knew I didn’t want to go back to good old Movable Type, and there was an obvious answer out there. I figured I could get my content up and make an improvement or two every week until the site was where I wanted it. You know, agile-style. But I don’t think I truly realized the learning curve.See, I’m taking on a bunch of projects:
  1. Move to Wordpress (and try not to break too many links!)
  2. Move to a new design that makes me happy
Two simple tasks, right? Except this probably means:
  • Learning how Wordpress works
  • Learning a bunch of PHP
  • Learning a bunch of jQuery
  • Freshening up my CSS
  • Making vim useful
  • Doing my first project on git rather than svn
I’m pretty sure that, if somebody at my office proposed doing this much, I’d tell ‘em it was a bad idea. Yet here I am. And I already, a la Cortez burning his ships, uninstalled Movable Type and got rid of all my old archives. So it’s win or die.But a lot of work shouldn’t mean that this blog’s unreadable. Thus: a nice, simple prepackaged theme while we wait for me to do all that stuff. Think I’ll finish this year?