Published Feb 1, 2013

I started this blog years ago for an audience of 1: me. I thought my writing lacked creativity, so I decided to try some creative writing. Later, it lived and thrived because it had another audience: a girl. I wanted to teach her about who I was, and stories seemed the way to do that.

And then it worked, and we got married. Suddenly, I found that there were no more stories to tell on the blog — because she was on all of my adventures with me. And so the blog died down.

For years now, I’ve wondered: when will I have a new story to tell, when will I have someone to tell it to? Will this conversation ever be back in my life, or was this blog the period of an era that’s passed?

Then this little guy came along:
Declan Brady Armstrong, a baby looking up at you

And suddenly I think I might have stories to tell, and someone to tell them to.

Please welcome Declan Brady Armstrong, born January 23 at 10:53 am. And, maybe, please welcome back

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I love you, our many adventures, your blog and our baby boy.