Drink of the Month: The L'il Bit

Dec 7, 2008 in Drink of the Month

One of the finest drinks out there is the Martini. I’m not talking about the modern version, ordered by the sleek and hip in clubs and bars out there, which is nothing but a triple shot of very cold vodka; I’m talking about a proper Martini, with enough Vermouth to provide, you know, flavor. But sometimes that Martini’s just too harsh, and you want something a little fruity — not too sweet, just a little fruity. That’s the L’il Bit. Read on…

Not Exactly Networking

Dec 5, 2008 in B-School

I should’ve known when I missed the first turn to the Marshall Alumni Holiday Reception and my next four chances to turn around were blocked off by LAPD auto and bike officers that things did not look good. But I drove around the northern half of Downtown and finally managed to get headed in the right direction to park and head into the event.
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We Mean Business: Wagville

Dec 2, 2008 in Elsewhere

Wagville is a Los Angeles doggie boarding and day care facility founded and run by Harvard grad and former lawyer Julie Shine. Like the other WMB subjects, Wagville isn’t making enough money. We quickly learn that:

  • The company does little to no retail business, despite having a large (and cluttered) storefront
  • Check-in takes minutes on a slow system
  • There are no facilities for people, just for the dogs
  • Employees are unmotivated and ill-tempered
  • Julie cannot motivate staff and may be a micromanager
  • There are 27 employees in a business that’s caring for no more than 60 dogs at any time, and the costs add up - in one month, Wagville did $90,000 in sales but had $65,000 in payroll and so couldn’t make a profit
  • Julie is focused on providing a service to dogs, not on making profit
  • Julie is carrying crushing credit card debt in order to keep the place running

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