Published Jul 2, 2003

In West LA, at the corner of Pico and Bundy, is this scary-looking place called the Arsenal. It’s been around for, well, forever, from what I hear. At the beginning of the year, somebody new bought it and tried to refresh it, keeping it a bit of a dive but making it maybe a little less frightening.

From the outside it looks the same   like someplace you might get your ass kicked in. Inside, though, it’s welcoming red leather booths, dim lighting, hip music and cute waitresses. The drinks are old skool, stuff like Pink Squirrels and Stingers. Their great lemon drop was made with real lemon (and plenty of simple syrup). The food is all red meat, all the time (okay, they had a fish special, but who would order that?). I had a great burger and my girlfriend had a yummy Cobb salad and meatballs (not in the salad, in another course).

All in all, it was a tasty meal at a place you’d love to call yourself a regular at. Definitely be heading back there soon!


shit… when were you at the arsenal? I’ve been there 2x in the past month!

Last week I took Brenda there on Tuesday, and she loved it so much that she took a friend on Thursday! We both think it’s great, and may try to make it a regular haunt (of course, we said that about the Lost and Found, and we’ve been there, what, three times?