Published Aug 20, 2003

I took a whole bunch of photos of the aforementioned Wonderful Girlfriend’s birthday party with my Nokia 3650.

Then I used iPhoto to put them in a nice album and slideshow for my local benefit, which was wonderful (probably more on that later). Then I used .mac to publish them to a Web site. Not so great, although quick and easy. More on that later probably too.

Anwyay, the pictures are most likely more interesting than the technical details of their posting. So, without further ado:

The party

The day after



GREAT photos… makes me want that dang old phone even more ;)

Well then you’ll be excited to read my review of the phone, to be published sometime next week!

Were those your photos on Snapfish? Because I really loved a bunch of those too!

Good pictures…but I guess I wasn’t there…oh wait there are my legs in the pinata pictures!!

Well how could I beat Taysha’s great pictures of you in a cowboy hat anyway?