Published Aug 27, 2003

I have a trainer at 24 Hour Fitness who challenges me to do my best in workouts and suggests exercises that really help me to build strength and endurance. My experiences with this trainer have been great and I’ve been converted to getting a trainer every time I have the chance in the future. And yesterday I had the greatest workout of my life.

I got to meet Bubba Smith.

Now, in LA it’s gauche to dote on your celebrity sightings, and it’s even worse to be all google-eyed when you meet a celeb. But I’ve been telling everyone about Bubba and, boy, were my eyes as big as plates when I met a real live Baltimore Colt!

My trainer, Gabe, had me doing push-ups on this big plastic ball in the hall. I was doing pretty sad, actually — because the ball is unstable, you have to really engage your abs to do push-ups and this makes it hard to keep your nice flat-as-a-plank position as you do push-ups. So I actually fell over doing push-ups. That musta looked hard-core to a Pro Bowl defensive end.

So Gabe said, “keep it up and you’ll look like Bubba,” and I looked over and there was Bubba Smith doing crunches. My eyes must’ve been big enough to pop out of their sockets! Bubba Smith, at my gym!

And now you’re probably saying “Who?” Well, Bubba Smith! College Football hall-of-famer? Pro Bowl defensive secondary player for the Colts in one NFL championship and two Super Bowls, and then for the Raiders? Miller Lite pitchman? Hightower from the Police Academy movies?

Yeah, that Bubba Smith.

So I told him I was from Baltimore and we talked for a little while about the Colts (and Gabe, a big Raider fan, was impressed!). I think he was happy to talk to somebody about the Colts, actually; so few people appreciate what that team used to be and what it meant to Baltimore.

And then when we walked past him stretching later, Bubba said “hi!” and smiled at me! I got such a big grin, I thought I’d have to start explaining to people that, no, I’m not really into big tough older black men.

Maybe just ones who like easy-open cans.

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Wade you are the man! Bubba Smith and push-ups on the ball?!?!!? You rock!