Published Jun 18, 2004

Today was my last day as Marketing Account Manager at Casden Properties. I was going to write something clever to honor this moment, but that wasn’t in the stars.

First, I was going to do a “Goodnight Moon”-style entry (“goodnight cubicle, goodnight networked laser printer, goodnight HR Manager…”), but when your entire office is gray felt cubicle walls and fluorescent lighting, there’s not that many heartwarming pictures you can take with the camera in your cell phone.

Then I was going to write a story about how the last crap I took in the Casden Properties LLC restroom was a microcosm of my experience at the company, well, frankly, my time on the can was spent mostly expelling gaseous substances, which was in no way as satisfying as my marketing job.

So I have no clever entry. Future entries will hopefully be more entertaining; certainly they will concern my seven weeks of sweet sweet vacation upcoming.

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congrats, dude!

You’re unemployed and I’m a culinary school dropout!