Published Jun 11, 2004

Thank you for immediately providing focus to whatever application, window, or alert demands it. This is a sure way to maximize my productivity! I’m sure my co-worker appreciated how I just sent her a memo because she IMed me and the caret switched directly to the IM application’s text entry. I’m also particularly happy that, as I was typing an apology to her, an alert flashed on my screen; but I hit return to send my instant message, and dismissed the suddenly-appearing alert. I don’t know what I carried out the default action for (presumably, the default was “OK”):

  • Install kiddie porn? OK Cancel
  • Run virus on office network? OK Cancel
  • Direct Deposit entire paycheck to Republican Party? OK Cancel

I think I ran Windows Update, actually, but I’m not sure; and, if I did, I’m not sure what I updated to what else.

  • Install Windows Media Player Ultra Media Center.NET in place of iTunes? OK Cancel
  • Install Buffer Overflow.NET? OK Cancel

I can’t only blame Windows; OS X does this in some cases as well. But it strikes me that it’s always safe to assume that I want to continue doing what I’m currently doing, and, whatever else is going on, you can do it in the background. If it’s so important that I have to see it or be notified of it, pop it in front of me but don’t let my keystrokes leak through to it straight away, OK.


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big brother bill knows best. don’t you worry your pretty little head about it. Big brother Bill will take care of you. Oh yes, he will.