Published Oct 20, 2004

Yesterday’s Leadership class was actually pretty good. Great, even. That’s a shocker — Posner really added some value!

I did benefit disproportionately from the class, it’s true, because I was up there for 30 minutes getting my presenting style critiqued. I actually learned a lot! I wish that I had been prepared in some way (one of the main complaints was that I read directly from my notes, which happened, of course, because I wasn’t prepared), but, honestly, since none of the previous classes had been of any value, I didn’t think there was any justification for me putting the time in to get ready for class. Practicing a speech two or three times can take, well, minutes, and Posner hadn’t even justified that so far.

But he did yesterday. Class was fun, a lot of people got to speak and get critiqued, and Posner was even relatively brief when he talked. Now, I’m saying relatively, here — he still droned on at a few points and lost my attention completely, but the point is that, later, I started paying attention again, because I thought it might be worth it. This, folks, may be a breakthrough. We’ll see if he keeps it up!


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