Published Oct 28, 2004

Just time for a quick note about two really great experiences I’ve had in the past two days:

  • GMA Marketing Wine & Cheese Roundtable Night
  • Entrepreneur’s Happy Hour

GMA Marketing Wine & Cheese Roundtable Night

The student-organized Wine & Cheese Roundtable Night brought some great companies to Marshall, and gave us all the opportunity to speak one-on-one with marketing executives from those companies. I, hopefully, made some great contacts that will help me in my internship search, and learned a lot of great information about CPG and technology marketing. All thanks to my great mentor, Sandin Wang, one of the organizers of the event.

Entrepreneur’s Happy Hour

This is a little casual event that I suggested to my Core Rep at the Entrepreneur and Venture Management Association. The EVMA has some more serious and focused events for committed Entrepreneurs, but I’m not nearly that dedicated; I don’t want to fall short on some committment and make Marshall look bad. Our Core Rep, Carlie Yapp, got a bunch of us together at the end of the day and we got drinks at the Raddison across the street. We bounced ideas around some and moved in great directions. Will great businesses come out of this down the road? I wouldn’t bet against it with that set of folks.

It’s times like this that I feel lucky to be at Marshall. It’s nice to be in a good school, but it’s best to be around good people. Good people get stuff done, and I know I’ll have tons of opportunities over the next two years because of that.