Published Aug 18, 2005

After driving and driving on Monday through the desert, I finally got back to my little house in the Palms neighborhood of LA. I’d both desperately anticipated and feared my homecoming; I was ready to leave Phoenix but I feared I’d idealized my home and would be dissapointed by its small size, its rickety construction, its lack of air conditioning, or the ghetto that surrounds it. But my homecoming was everything I’d hoped. The house was cute (if “rustic”, as was commented), it was comfortable, and the neighborhood was vibrant and filled with fun things. Hello Los Angeles!

Hello little house!

Hello bedroom!

Hello kitchen!

Hello clawfoot tub!

Hello TiVo, oh lovely, lovely, TiVo, with my Battlestar Galacticas on it!

Hello alley in front of my house!

Hello street, with palm trees and cheaply-made apartment boxes from the 1960s!

Hello Payless Produce Market and Halal Carneceria, source of tons of tasty vittles!

Hello Cafe Brasil, purveyor of fine sandwiches and hefty plates of tasty churrasco!

Hello Katmandu Kitchen, source of complex-spiced Himalayan food in mass quantities!

Hello Katacut, surprising and exciting and spicy spicy Pakistani restaurant!

Hello inaptly-named Media Building down the street, your owners’ hopeful naming makes me laugh every time I see you!

Hello rows of identical cyan boxes, built as housing in the ’50s, when we all hoped the world would be filled with identical, cube-shaped dwellings!

Hello neighborhood strip mall, haven when I’ve been too long between trips to Whole Foods!

Hello LA! After all these years, I’ve finally missed you, believe it or not.


I want to go to the Katmandu Kitchen with you!

man you have about as much kitchen counterspace as i do…and for anyone that even vaguely cooks, its TINY and a SIN

i love the “cyan” photo

hi to junior although you can barely see him.
ninja bird

oooo could be juniors p0rnsite
bird p0rn!!!!