Published Sep 17, 2005

So, Arizona may have been hot and generally mediocre, but it was, from time to time, pretty. Since I don’t feel like using my words, here’s a few photos for your entertainment.

Here are a few long-exposure shots I took of a thunderstorm heading for us. Shutter speeds were as slow as 5 minutes.

The next day, it was clear but the sky had incredible clouds.

My friends in Tucson had some geckoes in their plants. Geckoes are surprisingly adorable!


i love the thunderstorm ones oooo and the puffy clouds too
i remember my dad always commenting on when it was a “good sky day”
i find myself doing the same now

Yeah, good sky is surprisingly important. Ever since this summer I spend a lot more time looking upwards and seeing clouds I do (or don’t) want to compose into my pictures.

Gray days are also surprisingly good. Diffuse light and, if the sky isn’t going to be special, I’d rather that it were easy-to-ignore.

You’re surprised at the adorableness of geckos? I thought that was common knowledge! I’ve kept a little beanbag gecko on top of my computer for about a decade. It is, perhaps, no so cute as the real thing, but CompuLiz doesn’t run away. Or get eaten by my cats…

man those people that live in the mountains back there must have angered the gods

and geckos are SO cute, mainly because they have sticky little feet :)