Published Sep 28, 2005

So this morning I wrote a 10-page paper. This is either a sign that I’m working really hard or that I’m a total slacker who puts big projects off ‘til the last minute. Since I’m finding time to blog right now, one might be inclined to pick the latter.

Anyway, this brings up the big question of the second year, which is: “do I work hard and learn a shitload and get out in the world ready to take on any challenge, or do I take the easiest classes I can find and try to get out of here with as much of my sanity intact as possible, given that I get the same three letters after my name either way and Marshall doesn’t report GPAs to potential employers?”

If you know me personally, you can probably guess that I chose the former approach; I have been given abundant reason to reconsider said choice. There’s the magic surprise group project due this week that wasn’t mentioned in the syllabus; the 10-page paper that probably should have been 12; the new business feasability research I really should be doing rather than blogging; the Toastmasters club I’m President of; the case competition I just signed up for; it goes on. Sometimes, this all seems pretty overwhelming. My to-do list yersterday is still to-do, plus there’s all of today’s still to start on. I’m not ahead, but at least I’m not behind.

But often I remember how much I love all this. The charge of booking a new speaker I’m excited about, or of hearing a first-year speak more clearly in public than they had before; the excitement of seeing a new case and brainstorming solutions; the possiblity of coming out of school with my own, strong, business plan; the fact that I will never get a chance to do any of this again and that I know, for sure, that I’ve made everything of this opportunity that I could have. That feels good. Heck, it feels great, and I love it. I guess the answer is, I don’t just want those three letters after my name.

Still, there are some times when I’d rather be taking photos. Like right now! I love photos, and, dammit, someday I’m going to be rich enough that I can go all around the world just to putter around and take photos of little things many others miss.

(Edited some of the above photos because, hey, if I’ve got them digitally, that means they don’t have to look exactly like the shots I took — they can look better!)


Hmm, I think that was a crack against people who “putter around and take photos”. lol. I’ll get you, my pretty, and your little bird, too!

what’s the html code to make those pretty boxes with the X through them? me want some, too.

Milla, the little red Xes are some high-ASCII character that somehow got inserted into my text, probably by HTMLKit. I’d tell you what they were but they don’t display consistently across all browsers.

Vance, no, I’m serious, if I could take photos all day and come home and cook a gourmet dinner I’d be a happy boy!

OH MY v. pretty photos…i love them—i always take these pics of signs and those are sooo nice :) HOORAY!!!