Published Sep 30, 2005

My exhausted bones quailing at the thought of cutting a frozen chicken into parts or strugging with my deteriorated old stove, I walked down the street to the Overland Cafe to get a turkeyburger and garlic fries. Then, turning the corner, the sky rose from behind the apartment building next door and the light of the world changed. The long blue of the evening suddenly became bright red and orange from the cloud rising above the fires. I could almost cry, thinking of the empty camera at my home. I walked a block in dejection, but with my face turned up to look hopelessly at the wonderful sky. Finally the scene overcame me and my desperation drove me to take low-res photos with my cameraphone. Better to get something than nothing. So, not nothing below. Actually, quite a bit more than not nothing,


Wow, the first and last are really impressive, esp for a phone.

You might be interested in the Gallery that Slate posted today — it’s a retrospective of the work of an artist who specializes in capturing what’s beautiful about industrial devastation of the environment…

your cameraphone is very pretty