Published Dec 9, 2005

I have this theory that I have four types of readers: those who prefer true life stories, those who like to hear about food, those who like my photos, and those who come here for my technical articles from their searches on Google, etc. I know I haven’t provided much for my photo-focused readers lately, but, since is all about serving you and catering to your interests, I thought I’d put something together for you all. And that something is: my new 70-300mm telephoto.

I’m going to Costa Rica, land of relaxation and sun and tons of things to take pictures of. Specifically, I anticipate tons of small, distant things to take pictures of. That means I need something that’ll get me up close — after some research, given my budget, a zoom going up to 300mm would be good. I got a good price from my neighborhood camera store on a Sigma 70-300mm f4-5.6 macro, a theroretically apochromatic lens. Reviews are pretty good, especially at the price, and it’s got the same chromatic shift as my existing 28-90mm lens, so all my colors will be the same, whichever lens I use. Very handy in terms of imagining what the final product I get will be.

I’m going to have to take a roll before I travel, I think, just to see how the photos come out and know if there’s any tricks I need to be conscious of. Until then, however, here’s a little porn of the lens itself:

Yes, it does get much longer, why do you ask?

Look at the reflections from all of those separate elements!

Well, I’m excited, and, in a month, I hope to have some photos to show you all that will make you excited too!


Ah, so it was YOU who took those topless Jennifer Anniston photos.

I’ve always wondered how those things work; that guy must have like a 4-foot-long lens. How can you hide that?