Published Jan 4, 2006

Sure, it’s nice to be home, but one side effect of leaving the country is a smidge of culture shock when you return. I mean, I just got home and am finding the following quite odd:

  • Restaurants have 4 walls; record in Costa Rica was 2. 4 seems rather constricting.
  • Where are all the monkeys?
  • It’s “excuse me”, not “con permiso”.
  • Wastebaskets directly next to toilets are just asking for trouble
  • Corn syrup, instead of sugar, means no more Coke
  • Wow, LA has great roads
  • Good-bye Tico time
  • No attack crabs!


i’ll be your attack crab

celebrate your crabs!

I’m glad you’re over your case of the crabs.

Especially now that you have no monkeys to pick them off you.

your rss still shows up as “failed to load” in my firefox. Everyone else’s seems to work…

I think that FF changed slightly how they handled RSS feeds in their 1.5 build; I’ve updated my .htaccess to work properly with that change (for the geeks, they appear to want a 301 Moved code to be sent with a redirect, not a 302 Found; the 302 Found causes FF to not accept the http redirect, which is a change in behavior from the 1.0.x branch).

OK, upon further investigation, for whatever reason FF prefers to ignore all headers sent through .htaccess. Unfortunately, at this time, all quick-fixes would result in removing support for other RSS readers, which do (correctly) listen to a new Location: header. There are real fixes but they all take more time than I have. For the moment, I won’t support reading directly through FF. Instead, use one of the many RSS links in the sidebar.

(Frankly, I think that RSS is a mediocre user experience and a shitty publisher experience, so I’m not thrilled that I have to spend my time supporting it at all.)