Published Jan 27, 2006

In 99 days, I’ll actually be an MBA. Seems far off; seems like I’ve been in school forever. Being in the real world will be a bit of a shock!


I can make you feel better. How would you like to be 99 days away from graduation (along with the requisite loan payments), and your actual plan is not to get a job?!? :)

I’m 47 days (if I’m counting right) from hearing whether I got accepted to Haas…

Go us!

47! Good luck! I’m sure they’ll take you (they’re dummies if they don’t).

Vance: I see Dorothy’s not keeping you up on things. My plan is most definitely not to get a job! Either I’ll make myself rich or you’ll see me living in a box in a year.

If the latter, please give generously.

Oh, you’ll have a job, alright. :-D