Published Jan 28, 2006

I am a rock star.

I can make any project rock.

I bring the atmosphere of rocking with me.

The projects I work on rock because I am there.

The teams I work with rock because I am on them.

In fact, often the teams I work with rock beacuse I lead them actively. And they dig it too.

My rockin’ motion turns around projects that are stuck.

The way in which I rock brings focus to the scattered ideas of the dysfunctional teams.

Unlike Lyndon Johnson, I can turn chicken shit into chicken salad.

I am a rock star.

I can take this situation and turn a cacophony into a Top 40 hit.

I can use my tools and my skills and my smarts to make others rock too.

This project will now rock, from this moment forward.

We will all be rock stars.

I am a rock star.

I will be a rock star.


What, are you changing careers again? Rob Halford is back with Priest, so that cuts off one obvious route for you…

you are a rockstar!!

i like rockstars.
actually i like boys with guitars and boys who play piano.

nice pipe pic btw :)

Actually, I was hoping to fill in the open bass position in Kix.

Actually, I need to write a blog entry on the trauma of my piano lessons.

dude, put down the bong.

Alternate comment:
If this project’s rockin’ don’t come a knockin’

i was never very good at my piano lessons. i wanted so much to be good.
hurts to this day.

Dude, you’re so not allowed to use the same comic in more than one comment.

Although I most certainly do rock heavily.

You expect me to remember to whom I’ve recommended any particular bit of silliness?