Published Mar 22, 2006

As some of y’all know, I’m a board member of Challenge for Charity, a non-profit run by West Coast business schools that raises money for the Special Olympics. C4C is a big deal at Marshall, and we get great support from students and alums. Just recently, alums with a hot newfashion accessory bag company have pleged to donate for each purchase we make. Check it out:

So help Special Olympics, and help Marshall win the challenge, and get yourself something cool to boot!

Update: I’m sitting in a room with a bunch of donated bags from this company, and I can say that they look great. The finish quality is quite high and the details are attended-to.


FYI: From the monthly pages, to which your RSS links, the individual posts don’t, by default, seem to have any links to the single-post page (where one can leave comments). In order to get to that, I have to click on the comments link for a post that already has some, then use the fwd/back links to get to the post I wanted to comment on.

Now, commenting on this actual post: They don’t appear to make any goth laptop bags. I’m seriously considering the black-with-red-lotus-pattern iPod case (which is way cool), except Xta already knitted herself an iPod cozy, so she might take it as a critique of her ability to make such things herself.

I hope you’ll pardon me if I don’t find time to fix the RSS feeds ‘til I graduate. Hopefully, I’ll have a better solution then.

Don’t forget that the bag is a donation for a good cause! There’s always room for a second accessory when it’s for a good cause. And, besides, how many women do you know who only have one purse? I’m sure Xta needs a variety of fashion choices…

Hmm. And, her birthday is coming up…

Do I need to do something in particular to indicate that the sale was referred from C4C? Or are they just counting all purchases?

Just use the code USCC4C06 (as shown on the image in the non-RSS version)