Published Oct 14, 2006

Cingular, which chooses not to put my calls through nearly as often as it actually connects me

People who2 write better than me, because, dammit, I just don’t go to 11 like y’all do

Drywall, which is insufficiently strong to contain my screws, bolts, etc., without the aid of a stud

My landlord, who won’t repair my leaks3

Myself, because, when I do something brilliant, I feel the need to crow about it rather than keep my crafty techniques in my back pocket for when I really need them

People who declaim their love too late, but not really too late

The garbageman, who doesn’t manage to pick up our garbage on alternate weeks

Whoever made cockatoos screamy

Words in general, because I either use too many or too few, but never exactly enough4

Whoever it is that has my Pyrex dish and measuring spoons, both of which I fear ended up in New York

Shows that are only on TV in one particular time slot and thus can’t be Tivoed at 3am so that I can watch them the next day, forcing me to decide what I want to watch in that time slot

Ruby on Rails, which is fascinating and exciting and which I have entirely too little time to learn

My other business concept, which appears staggeringly smart and well-timed but which is in fact so flaky that I can’t justify making time for it

That I can’t hide entries in Movable Type5

Speaking of Movable Type, its badly-broken export function

SSH, because it’s hard to configure, although it makes up for that by being fun to use

Republicans, in general

People who post lists to their blogs, with insufficient commentary

People who use lots of footnotes in their blogs, forcing me to scroll up and down6

My fridge, which is empty, except for a container of simple syrup, two kinds of cheese, an ounce or so of soy milk, various condiments, and excess sauce for the Indian food I made two weeks ago

Friends who blog in languages I can’t read

The money-based economy

My complete inability to even come up with an interesting thing to blog about lately

McDonald’s, which is moderately tasty, totally sinful, and geographically convenient

People who don’t like big type

Neighbors who involve me in the middle of their bullshit

If I don’t stop here, “writing this frickin’ entry” is going to make this list soon, so, presto, finito.

1 Not that I’m in a bad mood, just that I enjoy keeping lists

2 Maybe not this issue, but usually

3 Hello rainy season!

4 And because that’s the words’ fault, not mine

5 Technically I can, but I’m too lazy and this isn’t quite what I want anyway

6 No, seriously, I’m not making fun of myself, I don’t like this writing technique at all


Rainy season? In LA? Good one!

Why would you scroll, when you can click the footnote, then hit alt-left-arrow to go back to where you were?

Alt-left arrow only scrolls me up a line in Firefox/Win XP. Could be some wonky customization that I don’t know I made. At any rate, I don’t have enough free brain space to remember all of the Alt-key combinations (take that, vi).

Well, since it never rains, and the weather is otherwise homogenous, when it occasionally does rain and gets a little cooler that’s the closest that we have that passes for a season so we call it such. Just like we also have fire season earlier in the year.

you are far too kind — and delusional! your writing is beyond terrific. lunch on me friday.