Long Story Tellers: Poo on You!

Nov 20, 2006 in Shit List

I like stories. I like books, I like TV shows, I like one-man shows, I like long conversations in which people reveal their own personal histories. I even like people who tell short stories to illustrate their point. But, if your story takes more than about ten minutes, welcome to my shit list. Read on…

Welcome to My Shit List1

Oct 14, 2006 in Shit List

Cingular, which chooses not to put my calls through nearly as often as it actually connects me

People who2 write better than me, because, dammit, I just don’t go to 11 like y’all do

Drywall, which is insufficiently strong to contain my screws, bolts, etc., without the aid of a stud Read on…