Published Mar 20, 2007

There’s nothing like getting out of town for a wedding. I’ve been to some pretty exotic places for weddings in the last few years, but last weekend’s getaway to Pasadena was a pretty darned satisfying getaway. Two of the Actual Irish Girlfriend’s1 friends were getting married, and I was lucky enough to tag along.

The AIG was in the wedding (and working hard at it!):

It was an emotional affair:

Of course, it was happy too:

Everyone had fun:

They even let me go out on my own a little later and take some shots of Pasadena:

(Although somehow we managed to spend a lot of time in the hotel room too.)

It was actually a lovely ceremony, at a nice place, and even at a good time of day. I learned a lot about what I’d want in my wedding — including that, for my guests’ convenience, I’ll put an 18% gray card somewhere near the altar. Sorry about the blacks above. More pics here.

1 I think it’s time to give her an actual name, and I think this one works pretty well. Long-time readers may know that the aforementioned Wonderful Girlfriend’s name was misleadingly Irish, and of course we don’t want to use such normative descriptors in case this new one should give me the boot, as I so richly deserve, like the WG did, as I so richly deserved. No, at this rate I’d run out of superlatives in no time; so it’s descriptive descriptors instead.


The first three stages of a relationship, according to Wade:

1 – Assign the girl her own color in Outlook
2 – Invest in some new barware
3 – Give her a nickname on Juniorbird

You’re hilariously quirky. And, you know, generally fabulous.


Yea, watch out for step 4, though… it’s illegal in most of the red states.

Steps 1-4, as stated above, are, in fact, correct. This shows that the AIG has been paying attention, and… well, I’m scared by what it says about Vance.