Published Mar 22, 2007

Thank you for carrying out your personal cell phone conversation in your car. I really appreciated how, instead of — like many people — talking loudly in public, you spoke, instead, in a private place. However, it would’ve been an even more private place if you’d closed your sunroof.

That said, it was enjoyable to hear a little bit of your life. You certainly have a fiery relationship with your male friends! I understand that he “wanted your pussy,” that you “hadn’t used your pussy in a while,” and that you were shocked that he thought that, as you said, “I’d let you in my tight pussy just because you help me out sometimes and there isn’t anyone up in there right now.” Your outrage at this particular assumption was clear. And, you were right, since, as you said “I don’t just go giving my pussy to all my friends!” Yes, everyone for several blocks understood your perspective.

That said, I didn’t expect to hear this conversation from a woman in her late ’50s. Good for you, staying young!

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So, random, off-topic, and not really a big deal, but: I changed the name of my blog a while back, and your blogroll link has the old name…