Published Sep 26, 2007

I had to move the trash to leave the house the other morning. Not my trash; I may occasionally put up with a bit more mess around the house than I should, but fundamentally I’m a guy who color-codes and labels everything. No, it’s my neighbor, My little alley has turned into a caricature straight out of Sanford and Son.

It starts right when you come in; for anyone who needs it, there’s a little extra emergency store of building materials right next to the front house. Also, part of a bedframe. Also, a car seat.

(This is actually the bit I had to move to get the car out; plywood can project surprisingly far into a driveway. The bedframe made unintentional art when it was away from the front of the alley.)

Like I said, that’s the emergency store of building supplies. Further back, in front of the garage, that’s where we keep most of the building materials. Enough to build… another garage.1

We’ve also got a lot of tires, so you know where to go if you need a deal on some new wheels for your ride, bring your rims and we’ll hook you up. In fact, we’ve got a car back here with three new tires on it already! Yep, come on by, first three tires’ll be on in a day, and the other… we’ll get around to it.2

In case that’s not enough tires for you, we have a few more. Plus a camper shell. And a portable-sized dumpster!3

I know, I mock, I mock. I mean, it is a bit absurd. And new stuff comes in all the time — when the china cabinet left, the half-bedframe came in. Next, I expect… a dining room table? Perhaps, a banquette?4

But it’s hard to complain, because, really, it is all in good fun. When you’re partying, well, there’s a tendency to leave a bit of trash about.

1 Actually, since I don’t have a unit in the garage — and the roof is just this far away from falling in — I’d sure like another garage.

2 Just not in the month that the cars’ been sitting there jacked up.

3 Pickup service not included, sadly.

4 Thank God — and I’m not kidding about this — the piano never made it out of the bed of the pickup truck parked out front.

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Just one of the sacrifices you have to make when you live in “barrio mas macho”.