Published Oct 10, 2007

I’m prematurely aged. Or, at least I am if you look at the ads on the TV I watch. Franklin Mint? Check. Hoveround? Check. Good times, good times. But never did I think that I would see an ad like this one:

(I tried to embed the video here, but you’ll have to go to here to see it because, apparently, Flash is too complex for me.)

Hasbro: where little girls’ dreams go to die. Unless those dreams are of doing laundry for everyone. Want a Rose Petal Cottage for to get your little Elizabeth Cady back in line? Hasbro has a fun Flash experience for you, complete with an ad just for girls! (That other ad is for moms.)

Honestly? I guess the Rose Petal Cottage is great for girls who plan to get their Mrs. degree. Somebody needs to send one of these houses to the Suicide Girls or something.