Published Jan 10, 2008

Thanks so much for keeping those two containers stuffed full of sauces you took home from fast food places. I really needed a Hot sauce from Taco Bell to go with my new Fresco Menu Taco, and our forethought ensured I had just such a sauce.

Still, it was a little worrying that said Hot sauce was in a packet featuring a design that had been discontinued years ago.1 Perhaps we’ve been keeping these packets too long? Especially the ketchup, which I haven’t been able to eat since, like, 2001?

In fact, there’s some argument that, since I’m allergic to most all this sauce,2 I really shouldn’t bother to take up room with it. I mean, I have good soy sauce and salsa and whatnot!

So, thanks for keeping those two containers of sauces. But it’s time to find a new hobby. Maybe philately?

1 It tasted fine.

2 Including, sadly, Taco Bell’s Fire sauce


You’re hilarious

Yes, yes I am. Thank goodness I have this blog to show it off!

i once kept an ocean spray jug of cranberry juice for two years without drinking it. finally i decided to toss it and when i unscrewed the cap to pour out the liquid i was hit with the nastiest ammonia-type smell that nearly made me barf. do not try that at home.

Now that’s disappointing, I would’ve hoped it would ferment and produce a delicious brew.

Still, as you say, not an experiment I need to try at home.