Published May 29, 2008

From the busy, crazy Honolulu — at least, if you ask the locals, it’s a high-stress, high-traffic place — we flew on one of those little jets made by dirty Canucks, to sunny and slower Kauai. The “garden isle” of Ceti Alpha 5 Hawaii, Kauai has a cute little airport that looks like it’s made of Lincoln Logs and is open to the air. Walking to get our rental car, we discovered that the laid-back Hertz staff had shut down for the day; but we caught a shuttle, got our car, and, despite signage that was either absent or the size of postage stamps, navigated to the hotel.

And what a hotel! While the Aqua Surf Colony was, to be kind, budget-friendly1, the Kauai Marriott is… well, check out the pool:

Our first thought, walking through the hotel’s garden to our room — which itself opens onto another garden — was “they’re pumping great smells into the air here, just like the Vegas casinos do!” Then we realized that there was no fake to it. This is Kauai!

So, naturally, we sat by the beach and drank.2 Then we went to a fancy restaurant and had a delicious Italian meal — again by the beach — to celebrate our vacation.

We even got dressed up and had cocktails! And, after dinner, I introduced the AIG to grappa.3

And then a walk along the starlit beach:

And we tried to go hot-tubbing, but the pool was closed. So we stood next to the pool and looked glamorous instead. And maybe a little tipsy.

And now, after a short cloudburst, it’s a gorgeous, sunny day. Time for some plate lunch.

1 That is, the stains on the floor and sheets and walls were all provided for free; but then we needed a vacation enough that we closed our eyes and slept like the dead for 10 hours every night

2 For planning purposes, Duke’s Canoe Club has a 2-shot limit

3 Says the AIG — who can shoot almost anything, and who I’ve seen destroy many a proud frat boy in chug-a-lug, “Jaeger and 151 have nothing on grappa!”


Huh. According to the page you linked to, grappa is, at 80 to 90 proof, less alcoholic than cask-strength whiskey (around 120 to 130 proof), and certainly less alcoholic than Bacardi 151 (which is really meant for firebreathing, not drinking).

Wow, that’s one good lookin’ couple. And you’re both sweet and intelligent too! Man, you guys made out in the genetic lottery.

Aaaawwwww, shucks, Sweetpea. Thanks!