Published Jul 24, 2008

On our last day in Hawaii, we went tubing through Kauai’s sugarcane fields.. What with the water, taking along my camera was obviously out; we picked up a waterproof disposable and took some fun shots. This was the first film I’ve shot in two years and, frankly, I didn’t miss it. All I wanted was the images on PhotoCD, So I dropped the film off at Rite Aid for overnight developing. And that’s where things went wrong.

The prints came back quite lovely, actually. The cheap plastic lens and waterproof casing give the photos some of the charming soft focus and chromatic aberration of a Lomo or Holga, and the film had nice tones. The problem, of course, was that PhotoCD. Apparently it was complicated. Apparently some family with a small black dog took a vacation in San Francisco. A month later, we actually got our photos on PhotoCD. And now, you get our photos too!

Here’s us in our tubes, getting ready to go down the canals:

We went over rapids:

And through tunnels:

It was a ridiculous amount of fun. We actually traveled down irrigation canals blasted almost 100 years ago into the cane fields of Kauai, dragged along by a natural current that varied between paddle-along sedate and rapids that made your stomach drop just a smidge. Some of the trip was through overhanging vines and trees, some between old stone banks, and much underground, in tunnels blasted through mountains, bouncing from one wall to the other and spinning in the darkness. We also got a good view of one of the wettest places on earth, Mount Waialeale — oddly not covered by clouds as we drove past.

I highly recommend the trip if you’re going to Kauai. Next time, I might take their zip line course too!


Yay for zip line! Also, you are a better person than I to not to throw in just how much cuter our little black dog is compared to the one who vacationed in San Francisco.

Oh my gosh, I was so appalled when I first looked at the photos — I asked myself “how did I take such an awful photo of our little black dog?” It took me a few minutes to forgive myself to look at the next picture and then discover that I was none of the people standing in front of the Golden Gate Bridge.