Published Jan 25, 2009

So, I’m a little behind this year — usually I have my resolutions up in the first week of the year or so. Frankly, one of my problems lately has been commitment to blogging, and I was slow getting to this post because of that. Well, I bet that shows up on my resolutions! So, on to the usual format.

Last Year’s Resolutions Reviewed

  1. Join Toastmasters
    Apparently, I’ve been bad at this every year since b-school. I failed to find the time to make this a priority last year.
  2. Stick with Krav, and, especially, use it to improve my conditioning
    Big success here. We were up to 3x/week for 2 hours each time before a series of flus and injuries got us off-track.
  3. Post twice weekly to — one 4-600 words, one links
    I did pretty well here for most of the year, especially on the longer entry (which ended up being a lot more than 600 words ususally).
  4. Post twice weekly here. I’ve got an exciting publishing calendar for, including a recipe of the month; drink of the month; photo that you can put on your desktop (I like to switch mine up), and even an attempt at ongoing fiction (I promise low quality!)
    Commitment problems here! Also, I think that a lot of what I was promising to write was not what I wanted to have on — for a while, it was looking like a cooking blog, which I just don’t want it to be.
  5. Kick up the ‘ol wardrobe a notch, by being a bit more daring
    Have you seen me lately? Socks ftw!
  6. Assert myself more in restaurants — I don’t always ask what’s in a dish when I order it, and sometimes, what with my food allergies, that reaches up and bites me
    Moderate success here. I’ve asked much more than before but should probably do even more.
  7. Set up a regular get-together with school friends
    I did very poorly on this. Very poorly.
  8. Appreciate the AIG as much as she deserves
    I hope I did well! I certainly tried.

    So I basically did three all-out, two halfways, and three pretty much nos. I’m still on the positive side of this balance sheet, but let’s see if I can do better this year!

This Year’s Resolutions

  1. Go to more networking events, and go to them regularly, to meet more people.
  2. Go to at least two Marshall Tailgates, to see my friends from school.
  3. Continue to post twice weekly to
  4. Post at least once a week here to, including regular, but not monthly, meal and drink recipes.
  5. Start a mystery book-writing club, and get far into writing a (blockbuster!) mystery.
  6. Get my orange belt in Krav Maga.
  7. Travel at least once this year, probably out of the country.
  8. Lose 20 lbs. — I started the year at 190, which is really about 20 lbs. over the weight I look best at. I will probably blog more about this!
  9. Get another tattoo.
  10. Get out and take photographs regularly, preferably a scheduled monthly shoot.

That’s a lot of resolutions, and, frankly, I’m a little intimidated by the number. But, I guess that’s the point! See you here next year to see how I did.


you have a tattoo?

Oh no, my hot rebel doesn’t have One tattoo, he’s got Two. Going for the third one now to be followed up, I believe, by a full sleeve. He’s also talked about a full sized Junior Bird tattoo on his back…

Shoulda gotten my shirt off while you had the chance!