Published Feb 28, 2009

Sorry I’ve been so bad at posting lately — between a new job and a new project (watch for it to launch in a few weeks to a couple of months!) I haven’t had the time I should to get on the ol’ Which is also my way of saying that I may not post so much for the next few months either. Of course, the corrollary is that, the more you do, the more you do, so you may see more from me here.1 But I do have something for you, something special from the cruise.

I got a little video camera before the cruise, a Kodak Zi6. I’m not usually the type to go in for something like that, but the price was right and the reviews online were nice and I thought I might enjoy adding some video to my still photos. So, I took a little footage — 30 seconds here, a minute and a half there — throughout the cruise. I have to say, I love that little Zi6. It was very easy-to-use, the shots came out looking great, and, while the reviews say it’s not good in low light, it certainly did better than I’d expect out of any still camera under $1000. It’s just small enough to be handy to carry around anywhere and the batteries made it through the whole trip on one charge.

When I got home, I put together the video in iMovie ‘08, which came on my Mac. That was a little more painful, but, once I learned the keyboard commands, I got through it pretty well. (I’m just saying, a consumer-level Mac program should not be that much better if you use the keyboard than if you use the mouse.) I hear iMovie ‘09’s better and might consider upgrading, although I do wonder if there’s anything in the market between the $79 iLife bundle and the $199 Final Cut Express.

Anyway, enough palaver; I just figured I owed you all the words. Here, in all its glory, is the cruise! (Make sure to click “watch in high quality” since the Zi6 records 720p.)

1 Like when I was blogging almost every week back in b-school.