Published Mar 7, 2010

It’s not weird that i’ve been in LA for 17 years and not been to an Academy Awards party, right? Finally I’m making it to one, DJ L’Il Bit has taken me to one thrown by a cow-orker at the TV show she works on.Anyway, Neil Patrick Harris was cute to start. Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin are pretty funny so far, not too much of any particular kind of comedy, which is nice since I hear these things can get a bit one-note.Penelope Cruz should’ve let them suffer. That was a joke worth running with.OK, so far it’s a litany of movies I want to see. Except for The Lucky Bones, that was an awesome book, but I’m not sure I need to see it. Anyway, I thought Waltz was only good in Basterds, but people loved him. The broad appreciation of that film is one of those things that proves to me that I know nothing about movies. (I thought it was good, but it was no Kill Bill.) Waltz sure seemed nice from his speech, though.Dear Jimmy Kimmel Live ad writing crew, good job, the Clapper makes everything funnier.Dear Oscar writers, this cartoon bit sucks. End it quickly. But everyone in the room said “awwww” for Up, which must be a good sign, and Up sure got the on-TV applause. Up made me cry and warmed my heart, I’m sure glad it won.I cannot watch this Miley Cyrus-announced bit without thinking of that creepy duet she did with Brett Michaels. Yech. Thanks for reminding me of that, honey. Anyway, I always root for country music, and I love Ryan Bingham’s stuff, so I’m happy with the winner here.Ok, a bit on District 9, another movie I wanted to see. I saw about 8 movies this year, which is way better than the 2 I saw last year. I don’t think I’ll get much further than that next year, seeing as I live with someone who works in TV so I see enough stuff there. I have to get out of the house sometimes. (Memo to self: time to finish that Mar Vista neighborhood shooting project.)Ok, on the way to this one gig I had I walked past a theater playing The Hurt Locker once a week. I need to start seeing movies alone!Lord, what happened to Molly Ringwald? Yikes!Wow, I knew in abstract that John Waters made a lot of great movies, but, wow.(We didn’t need to have Macauly Culkin in this bit.)It’s amazing how important John Waters was to my generation. Everybody was teary at this segment.Ok, while I got the song and the short animated film, I’m way behind now that I missed the documentary short.