Published Mar 7, 2010

Sorry, the wife sweetly put her hand on my knee and brushed the “Post” button. The challenges of technology. It’s actually her first blog entry ever. “Blogging’s easy!” she says.Boy, Ben Stiller is really selling this. Good on him! Looks like everyone in the room is rooting for Star Trek.News flash: apparently people in the industry like Up In The Air.Alert: now we live in a world in which Mo’nique has won an Oscar. I mean, she sure deserved it, even just the clip they showed gave me chills, but tell anybody that 10 years ago…The “whore” joke is not working. The Sarah Jessica Parker weight joke, quite the opposite.Good job Sandy Powell showing everyone why you won for costume design. Clearly, you’re better expressing yourself through couture than words, however.Dear Twilight girl, stop fidgeting. And provide some evidence that you were actually “acting” in those movies.Kathryn Bigelow is starting to clean up here… to say nothing of this albino sound dude.I always feel bad for these sci-tech guys. If I were them, I’d totally want to be there on this night with all the people who think they’re too hot for me.JAMES TAYLOR? Sorry, this is awful.