Published Sep 21, 2012

I’d started this vacation expecting I’d be the good travel blogger I usually have been. Sixteen days later, apparently not! I spent a little while searching my soul for the reason, but finally my very practical and smart wife opened my eyes to the cause: stairs.

Somehow, we’ve managed to climb an immense number of stairs on this trip, on multiple days exceeding 1000 steps. (Not including the steps consumed walking several miles to get to, from, and between those stairs.) And that has left my (apparently aging) body tired in the evening. Halfway through dinner, it’s not time to talk about what bar to go to after, or what movie we want to watch on our Kindle Fire while I do my photo editing: it’s time to start talking about how much I want to go to bed.

Not that the immense variety of liqueurs and brandies that they make around here has helped. But I’d be a poor tourist if I didn’t learn about the local cuisine and traditions, right?

More than 1000 steps up and down the Postojna Cavern and the walls of Dubrovnik and other destinations, we finally find ourselves by the beach, in a gorgeous hotel, watching Fashion TV — it’s either that or BBC News for English fare, and the latest on riots in Libya and Pakistan hardly seems vacation-y — and I have a little spare energy to blog.

But not too much; I’m also about 1000 photos behind in editing, so I’d better hop on that. However, I’ll leave you with a few shots of our current location, the island of Lopud in the Adriatic, just to tease:

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

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Beautiful! Can't wait for more pics…you guys should include one of your calves.