The Comedy Store: A Veritable Storehouse of Comedy

Feb 27, 2005 in Otherwise Uncategorized

I generally prefer not to go out on the weekend, as such activity takes me away from the important things in life, like sitting at home in front of TiVo, eating snack foods, and spoiling the bird. Oh, and doing work. But, somehow, I ended up going out to dinner with friends and, then, to an absolutely hilarious (except for the 15 minutes of methamphetamine-addled anti-Semitism from a large white man) show at the Comedy Store, featuring Chris Rock. Read on…

The Hiking Theory of Dating

Feb 24, 2005 in Otherwise Uncategorized

As someone who’s undoubtedly, and throughout my life, been uncannily successful in dating. Better at it than you, for sure. Wouldn’t you like to be as fabulous and desirable as me? I knew you would. Try the Hiking Theory of Dating.

Oh, and, if we ever dated, this entry’s not about you. It really isn’t, I promise. Read on…

I Am In Charge Here!

Feb 21, 2005 in B-School

I love my group this semester, but they’re very different from last semester’s group. In The Ocho, leadership was a sort of rotating affair — everybody was inclined to take leadership, at least some of the time, and if I didn’t want to be in charge I’d just wait and someone else would take the reins. But Group A-6 is different. There’s some evidence that I might actually be in charge here. Read on…

Superstar Workout

Feb 18, 2005 in Spurts

Yesterday, while doing 45° overhead presses with my trainer, NFL Hall-of-Famer Bubba Smith started barking advice my way. Keep my head down! Step forward with your right foot! Back straight as a board! It was intimidating. Read on…

Sur La Valentine

Feb 14, 2005 in Food

If you knew me, you’d know the way to my heart is through my stomach; and, if you knew me, you’d know I’d never date a woman about whom you couldn’t say the same thing. And what’s better than a shared love? So, no prix fixe menu at a packed 21-Food-score-on-Zagat restaurant for me and my Wonderful Girlfriend; instead, our big Valentine’s Day event was a cooking class for couples at Sur La Table. Read on…

Site #2, Version #2

Feb 12, 2005 in Elsewhere

My other site over at has been reasonably busy since the beginning my b-school days. I’d been adding info about various things — especially finding a job every so often, and, frankly, I’d outgrown what was there. So today, in an exceptionally aggressive effort to avoid doing work, I made some changes.

I changed two things in particular:

Moving to PmWiki

I had started out using pwyky as my engine, principally because it was:

  • Easy to install without command-line access
  • Written in Python, which I can at least pretend to know
  • Because it was written in Python, and missing some key features, I thought I’d add the features to learn more about Python

Six months later, those reasons don’t make as much sense. The features that weren’t there by and large still arent, because I haven’t had time to add them. And I’m recognizing further that, in the future, I’ll be programming the Web less, and using clever tools like MT and wikis more. Instead, I needed a wiki that was:

  • Still easy to install without command-line access
  • Offered some kind of security so everyone couldn’t just change my pages
  • Offered robust text formatting
  • Accepted at least some HTML in pages
  • Had a reasonable templating system so that I could make it non-hideous

Apart from being easy-to-install and non-hideous by defaulty, pwyky sadly was none of these.

After a search, I found PmWiki. It’s hideous by default, but it has a clever templating system and every other feature I could want. Initial experience suggests it will be a very satisfactory solution.


Pwyky offers no export function; PmWiki offers no import. Someday — probably around the time I get my next wiki engine — both of these will be must-have features. For the moment, I had few enough pages that I could just cut-and-paste from one wiki to the other. As I was doing so, I realized that’s initial organization didn’t make that much sense. For example, the home page linked to different pages based on the format, not the content, of those pages — there was actually a top-level link for “lists.”

In the name of being reasonable, I organized the new around the kinds of information I offered. And I split the pages up to facilitate that kind of organization. Yeah, there was a fair amount of rewriting, but that was fun. Now I’ve just got to make those pages look non-hideous.

Read on…

I Figueroaed It Out!

Feb 10, 2005 in B-School

I park in this brand-new parking lot this semester. And I’ve been having some serious trouble finding my car there. I’ve been blaming my easily-confused memory; after all, it’s not… Read on…

Getting Things Done

Feb 9, 2005 in Otherwise Uncategorized

So I’ve been light on the updates lately. I’ve been a busy bee, getting things done at school. Case competitions, midterms, clubs, fundraisers, networking, interviewing, and planning a start-up that I should think about for the future — these all fill up my schedule. This is a lot to do, even in business school, and some people have asked me how I get it all done. From time to time, other people have commented on my organization. So I thought I’d write down a few ways in which I keep my life (sometimes too much) under control.
Read on…

You've Got Bad Bad Luck

Feb 1, 2005 in B-School

Mike Ness notwithstanding, today started out great. I got up rested, motored right though a bunch of homework, and had a great workout. But then it started. Read on…