Remember When I Promised Another Hawaii Vacation Post?

Jul 24, 2008 in

On our last day in Hawaii, we went tubing through Kauai’s sugarcane fields.. What with the water, taking along my camera was obviously out; we picked up a waterproof disposable and took some fun shots. This was the first film I’ve shot in two years and, frankly, I didn’t miss it. All I wanted was the images on PhotoCD, So I dropped the film off at Rite Aid for overnight developing. And that’s where things went wrong. Read on…


Jul 21, 2008 in Photos

I moved! Did you hear? I’m renting a wonderful house with the wonderful AIG and, after 10 weeks, we’ve finally got the place set up. We had a great party Saturday night where many of our friends came by to see the place and turn green-eyed with envy have a great time and try our Spanish-style Tapas and our homemade infused vodkas. Can I show you the place? Would you like to see?
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