Published Jan 1, 2004

Every year, at about the same time we drink to excess, it’s traditional that we make ill-kept resolutions about how we’ll behave better in the future. This isn’t, frankly, usually my kind of thing. But it’s been a turbulent year, and next year can hardly be worse, so it’s worth looking ahead to the future.

So, things I hereby resolve to:

  1. Exercise more often
  2. Take a Spanish conversation class
  3. Use my Sur La Table gift card for cooking classes
  4. Learn Python
  5. Start a wiki
  6. Blog more regularly
  7. Get it in writing beforehand
  8. Doveryay, no proverya
  9. Go to Europe
  10. Get friends together for drinks regularly
  11. Not speak ill of those who deserve it
  12. Network, network, network

Here’s to next year not being anything like last year!
me taking a big pull on a champagne bottle

1 Comment

it’s january 12th.

you’re failing at Resolution #6!

And at #10, for that matter…

the rest, you’re on your own (those two are the only two that affect me, unless you’re planning on taking me to europe with you, which I wouldn’t mind, lol)