Published Nov 5, 2005

Thank you for capping my mailbox size at 45 megabytes. I very much appreciate the periodic message telling me that I’ve used up all of my space and can neither send nor receive any messages. I particularly appreciate how you bounce back any mail sent to me, returning it to the sender with a cryptic error message.

Certainly, it’s an excellent idea, in this world in which storage costs about $1 per megabyte, to restrict the total storage of an individual paying upwards of $100,000 for an advanced degree, to $45. That ensures a highly profitable operation, something we all want. Goodness knows you wouldn’t want to give us, say, another $55 of storage, that would just be crazy. It’s tremendously important to make economies in places like this and, say, the microscopic-sized keyboards, the ones that nobody can touch-type on ‘cause the keys ae so small, that you have in all of the computer stations in the meeting rooms.

It’s also great that you achieve efficiencies by offloading the task of managing hard drive space, which you could handle by having a junior guy slap a new hard drive into your storage array, at $1/megabyte and $20/hour, solving storage problems for everyone by slapping in a 350GB disk. No, instead you cleverly pass the task of managing storage on to me and all of my classmates, so that 490 full-time students, and who knows how many part-time students, can spend time every week deciding which mail they should throw away, rather than storing potentially useful information for later, or, worse, doing work or otherwise contributing to the Marshall community.

In sum, dearest System Administrator, I really appreciate the system that you use to allocate storage space on your IMAP servers and I can’t wait to get my next special “Your mailbox is over its size limit” message from you.



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Precisely why I forward everything to gmail.