Published May 23, 2006

(That’s the outline of my head, for scale.)

I love whiteboards. I can feel myself getting smarter already; there’s nothing like freely writing out your thoughts to get them an order. (Although mine doesn’t have ridiculously adorable messages written on it by my sweetie.)

And this is only step 1 in getting everything in order for my new life as a serial entrepreneur!


White boards have a magical ability to FOCUS and INSPIRE. As soon as we move, that is first addition to my office.

i’ll come over and write you a sweet message, sweetie. enjoy your new clean slate.

I dunno, I think I still prefer chalkboards to whiteboards. Whiteboard markers stink, and if you don’t erase them within a day, they leave dried-on ghosts…

Also, re: the headline link — holy shazbat, is Alabama really still that backwards? Pathetic. Sigh.

One man’s stink is another man’s high. :D