Published May 25, 2006

I like taking photos. In fact, I like taking photos enough that I’m going to try to make it a part of my life — I’m going to go out shooting regularly. Hopefully this will result in me getting, you know, actually good at it. In the interim, you’ll get to see me traverse that space between “you admit to taking that?” and “hmm, might use that as my desktop background!” My first shot was with my friend Vance in the scenic and verdant LA River.

I’ve got more photos on Smugmug.

See Vance’s photos too — the first 7 are from our afternoon outing.


wade i love your photos.
im of course in love with telephone lines and all, and i wondered what that would look like black and white
dunno im screwy

i LovE! the bird and the last one ALOT

are these digital

oh and ps you totally need to ask vance if you can use his photos of you because theyre so hot

and pps vance i love your photos too, theyre so lovely. im such and amateur.

Ha! Harly, you are a shameless self-depricator! Your keen eye is quite evident. I am anxious to see what your start cranking out with the nikon. Not that all that technology matters… which is why I am so envious of what you can do with your holga.

Anyway, good job Wadely. I am STOKED beyond belief by the prospect of the Y-sites. We get back from SF mon night… so any day, any time after that.

Wow, those photos of me are hot? I like have my face all screwed up in them and all. Your standards must be slipping.

I talked to Rick about the Y sites; I’ll try and get them scheduled ASAP.

Amy, I’m w/Vance, I wish I had your eye and ability to compose. All my digital goodness is nothing compared to that.