Published May 26, 2006

For the past two years, I’ve jealously guarded my weekends — guarded them from people and other similar time sucks that expect my interactive attention. And it was great. One, maybe two nights a week I’d have enough free time that I could spend it on me. You know, watch Cops, read a book, ogle attractive women, things like that, and never a second wheel to distract me from my entirely non-interactive me time.

Just now, at this exact moment, I’ve realized that graduating makes all that change. I have me time as often as several times a day now and it’s not so super-wonderful to be sitting alone on the couch on a Friday night.

So let this serve as a warning to my friends: I might actually want to interact with you in some way. Even leave the apartment. It’s radical, I know, but it may be about time. I may be about to become…. social!

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