Published May 27, 2008

Today was a very relaxing day; which was good, because we both needed it. Normally, I plan out my vacations ahead of time — learn what sites I want to see at each stop, plan out the day to make sure I hit my itinerary, and make sure my list is completed each day. But this has been a less-planned trip, and we’re trying to relax. This is what happens when two type As relax. To wit, today’s complete schedule:

  1. Shower
  2. Go out and greet the foggy day
  3. Turn around and greet the perfect clear sky
  4. Find coffee & tea
  5. Find pastries, because just beverages are not enough
  6. Find fruit, because breakfast can’t be all carbs
  7. Walk to beach
  8. Shoot (photos of) people
  9. Walk along beach
  10. Price boat tours
  11. Shoot bodyboarders
  12. Get shave ice
  13. Walk through park
  14. Discover zoo. Go to zoo.
  15. Briefly yell at self for bringing two camera batteries, neither of which was charged, to the party (photos end here)
  16. Have delicious lunch — teriyaki chicken for her, bi bim bop for me
  17. Reserve massages
  18. Buy beach towels, bag
  19. Sit on beach
  20. Get massage
  21. Find restaurant. Put names on list to get in
  22. Find Irish bar down the street. Go in, get drinks
  23. Play complete game of darts
  24. Play complete game of darts, this time keeping score in head
  25. Walk back to restaurant. Eat Korean/Japanese BBQ
  26. Find ice cream place. Eat ice cream
  27. Walk home
  28. Cut photos down from 220 to 30, tag, caption
  29. Blog
  30. Zzzz?

Tomorrow: try and cut to-done list down to 20.


may i suggest you add to your list: visit psychic to get fortune told…

Lan Vo
2629 Pali Hwy
Honolulu, HI 96817

go first thing in the morning, sign in and wait. you won’t be disappointed.

p.s. happy bday to your bloggy!

I think I know my future already!

Oh how i would love to do # 30 for few days

i could use some alternating between #20 and #30 with some of the food and drink stuffs sprinkled in between.

Recovering from finals?

oh yeah, finals were brutal. All i got to show for it was a lousy weekend break and now back to summer session.

So I take it you had the ice do your shaving for you? Because clearly, while it is shaved, you are not. :-)

I turned in my final paper of the semester (a market survey, covering financing and IT/targeting to support deployment of resource efficiency tech) last Sunday at 2am. Yay, no more school til August! Xta and I are going on vacation in July…

Asbed: Treatin’ you right, are they?

Auros: Congrats! As for shaving, that is me with a half-day’s growth of beard. It’s a tough life I live!

Where are y’all headed in July?

a half-day�s growth of beard

Srsly? Wow. You’re worse off than I am. My hair’s dark like yours, so I get the five o’clock shadow thing, but not that badly. I think if I were you, I’d either give up and just grow a full beard, or get depilated… :-)>

(In case it’s not obvious, that was a smiley with a beard.)

Oh, and we’re going to Ashland, Crater Lake, and Oregon Caves National Monument. With a side trip to Bridgeview Vineyards, because it’s close to the caves.