Published Apr 24, 2007

Thanks for leaving your car window open while running into the AIG’s place to pick up one last thing on your way to your weekend getaway. I really appreciate how you gave me the chance to replace that boring old Treo, iPod, and digital SLR that some folks just reached in and liberated.

Now, sure, it was inconvenient to drive for two hours without your iPod1, and a bummer to get up into the snow-dusted mountains without a camera. And since the Treo is the only phone I have, it was a hassle to be without that (it’s also the only timekeeping device I regularly carry, so making it to two meetings yesterday without it was a challenge as well). But, the upside is that I get to get away from the restrictive Minolta lens ecosystem and consider whether I like the Canon or Nikon lens selection better.2

So, yeah, it super-sucks that you got my music, connection with the outside world, and method of artistic expression stolen. On the other hand, I do appreciate that you had everything insured, so that I got a new phone yesterday. Minus the deductible, it’ll even cover half of the lost camera, which should get me started with a new body and a good lens. Seriously, thanks.

1 Those who know the AIG and her taste in music, which diverges from mine, may ask whether it was better or worse that we had her iPod with us that whole time.

2 I think I like the Canon interface much better, which will probably be the deciding factor.


I am so proud of you for having your stuff insured. Killer thinking Tiger.

wow, sucks your stuff was stolen. and yeah, way to go on the insurance. love to you and the AIG.

Hum. I have renter’s insurance which I think would cover things stolen from my house. I don’t think I have any insurance for things stolen from my car — I don’t think my auto or renter’s would cover that. How do you get that coverage?

My renter’s policy covers losses away from home up to 10% of the total value of the policy, so I am in fact covered under my renter’s policy.