Published Feb 27, 2010

I used to do this thing? Where I did my resolutions for the year? It was awesome. Instead, this year, I re-launched my blog. We won’t get into how silly it is that simply not having a blog I was happy with meant that I didn’t do resolutions, but, there we are. Hopefully, it’s not to late. So I’ll return to the format of years past; a review of last year’s resolutions, followed by this year’s. To wit:

Last Year’s Resolutions

  1. Go to more networking events, and go to them regularly, to meet more people.This I did, and did well!
  2. Go to at least two Marshall Tailgates, to see my friends from school.Instead of paying attention to the football season, I got married. This killed Fantasy Football too. It was well worth it!
  3. Continue to post twice weekly to, I planned a wedding.
  4. Post at least once a week here to, including regular, but not monthly, meal and drink recipes.Instead, I planned a wedding.
  5. Start a mystery book-writing club, and get far into writing a (blockbuster!) mystery.Instead, I planned a wedding.
  6. Get my orange belt in Krav Maga.Instead, I planned a wedding. And got really into Crossfit.
  7. Travel at least once this year, probably out of the country.Hey, here’s something on this list getting married helped me do.
  8. Lose 20 lbs. — I started the year at 190, which is really about 20 lbs. over the weight I look best at. I will probably blog more about this!Again, saved by the getting married thing! I ate well and exercised a ton all year, and got down to 170 pretty easily.
  9. Get another tattoo.Hey, getting married is starting to add up! I got a lovely tattoo of a crab to celebrate my engagement. My poor wife!
  10. Get out and take photographs regularly, preferably a scheduled monthly shoot.I did ok, but not great, here. More shooting this year, I hope!

This Year’s Resolutions

OK, one change here is that there will be no business-related resolutions here, including anything about “Toastmasters” or “Networking.” I spend enough time on business during business hours. With no further ado:
  1. Get another tattoo
  2. Maintain my weight at about 170
  3. Get a new perspective, photographically
  4. Speaking of, shoot monthly
  5. Go to at least one Marshall Tailgate
  6. Blog all the time, including about booze and cooking
  7. Be an awesome, supportive, husband
  8. Get the family finances in great shape
  9. Spend more time building friendships
  10. Move my life forward in a way that makes sense for me and, especially, for my brand-new family!
I think I can pull all these resolutions off this year, even with these two months gone before I got around to the resolving. After all, this year I’m neither planning a wedding nor going on a honeymoon!Not that I mean that as a good thing. But, oh, the spare time I’ll have.